We manufacture elements from polyester resin and glass fibre (GFK). Mainly we do this for the automotive and railway industry.

We manufacture elements such as train walls, upholstery of wagons, bumpers, fairings, consoles, walls and ceilings of ambulances, walls of paddy wagons, fenders, cabinets and more.

We also support other companies in industries such as: advertising (billboards), water and sewage system services (pipes), sanitary (baths and shower trays), packages etc.


Glass reinforced polyester composite is constructed of three interconnected components: a gelcoat, resin (polyester, epoxy) and laying material.

 Our range of processing technologies includes:

– hand laminating


– composites based foam

We have our own design department, which makes the design of new implementations faster and easier as well as improves the existing projects.

In order to get your own ideas done, you can send us your drawings as well as come up with an outline of an idea and we will make them happen. We help our clients during all stages of developing the project. Our cooperation does not end at the shipping of the finished product from the factory. We help our customers with solving technical problems, we provide them with proved solutions and we develop our own innovative ideas.

Thanks to the CAD 3D software with high computing capacity and using the 3D drawing we can mill very fast a form to make a CNC model.



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